February 2020

Xero Integration

Thank you to everyone who has tried out our Xero beta integration and provided us with suggestions to improve this integration. We're proud to announce that Paycove is now an official integration on the Xero marketplace. Xero is used every day by millions of businesses, and is one of the top reviewed accounting software platforms on Capterra.

Zapier Integration

Recently we released a beta integration with Zapier, and now this integration is fully live! This means you no longer need an invite code to connect Zapier with your Paycove account. Use Zapier to connect Paycove with some of your favorite apps and tools, including spreadsheets, email, calendars, social media, messaging, e-commerce, and more. Getting started is easy. Click here to learn more.

Ability to Re-assign Admin role

We made it easier for users to change their admin in Paycove. The current admin can go to Account→Manage team to reassign admin status to another user. Note that there can still only be one admin.

Performance Updates to Worker Servers

A lot goes on in the background when a deal gets sent and processed through Paycove. In order to handle the demand for these processes, some tasks get queued for later. We do this so that you can browse Paycove unaffected, while we run thousands of tasks in the background. This helps Paycove keep your CRM up to date, and your team informed. We've made a few major improvements to how these processes get queued to help prevent bottlenecks and improve overall performance of Paycove.

Help and Support 

Looking for help with a specific feature, or curious to learn more about Paycove? Check out our YouTube channel.

Thank you to anyone who has reported a bug or made suggestions for new features. Paycove is growing fast and we always welcome your feedback.

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