March 2020

Paycove Updates

Updated integrations, additional payment options, enhanced usability, and more. Here are the latest Paycove updates and announcements for March 2020.

Pipedrive Panel

Good news for Pipedrive users! You can now quickly and easily manage your quotes and invoices directly from the deal in Pipedrive. Open a deal and look to the left side of your screen. Here you will see quick facts including your deal's status, due date, and template. 

Use the "Actions" button (...) to create, delete, or send quotes and invoices. This works as another method for creating quotes and invoices in addition to pipeline automation and bookmarklets. Note that bookmarklets and automation set from CRM settings are unaffected by this new feature.

If the panel does not appear for you automatically, click here to reauthorize your connection between Paycove and Pipedrive.

Note: HubSpot users have an equivalent feature. Look for the Paycove extension on the right side of your your deals in HubSpot to manage your quotes/invoices directly from your CRM.

Scheduled Payment Formatting

Paycove users can now adjust the headings in the scheduled payments section of the invoice. Set scheduled payment column headers such as Description, Due Date, Status, and Account, from the template. 

The scheduled payments section is also now more adaptable to international date formatting and languages. The scheduled payments due date will respect local date formatting, and the status of each scheduled payment will be automatically translated to match the language set at the template level.


We are expanding on our integration with Zapier to increase usability and potential automations. You can expect to see example Zap templates, and a "scheduled payments" zap coming soon. The scheduled payments zap will trigger when a partial payment is paid online by the customer, or marked paid by admin. This zap will give you more flexibility to trigger events, such as updates to your customers, partway through their payment plan.

iDEAL Payments

Paycove now supports iDEAL payments through Stripe for users doing business in The Netherlands. To edit your payment options, go to your Payment settings in Paycove and turn on iDEAL.

Configure your payment settings at the account, template, or deal level to allow iDEAL payments for some or all of your deals.

Stripe Metered Billing Subscriptions

Customers can now subscribe to metered use plans in Stripe through their Paycove invoices. Metered billing subscriptions allow you to charge your customers a price based on their usage amount of your service during the billing cycle. These subscriptions allow for a flexible usage-based payment system. Set these up the same way you would with a regular Stripe subscription then add them to your deals. Read more on Stripe metered use plans here.

Bug fixes and efficiency

We have improved our monitoring system for identifying bugs and delays. Pipedrive users especially will see an improvement in speed for their CRM automation settings. Please let us know if you are experiencing any difficulties!

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