April 2020

Open API

Paycove's open API can give your team more flexibility to use your invoicing data where and how you want. Build out custom integrations with your company's internal software systems or connect Paycove to external 3rd party software.

Available Endpoints:
  • Deals endpoint: a user can access all of their deals.
  • Deal details endpoint: a user can access all of the information from a single deal.

More endpoints will be coming soon. Contact us at support@paycove.io or click here to request access to Paycove's API.

Paycove products for Pipedrive users

Add more detail to your quotes and invoices with Paycove products. 

Pipedrive users can now disable their CRM products and use Paycove products. This is especially helpful for users who are on Pipedrive plans that do not support products.

Note: This feature is currently available for HubSpot CRM users

Referral Program

Help a friend transform their organization's billing experience. For each account that becomes a customer, you get $20 off your subscription, and they get an extended 30 day free trial. Go to My Account →Referrals for more information and to access your unique referral code.

Paycove Enterprise

We've recently expanded our Enterprise Plan offering. Our services are now listed in more detail for teams looking to expand on Paycove's core functionality and integrations.

This is perfect for organizations requiring custom features, organizations in need of specialized integrations or would like training and onboarding assistance. You can learn more about our Enterprise plan or schedule a free consultation here.

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