Payment processing fees and discounts

If you haven’t already, you can connect a payment gateway to begin allowing your customers the option to pay invoices online. Find instructions on how to integrate with a payment gateway here.

Getting started

Once a gateway is connected, you will be able to setup fees and discounts for specific payment methods. Discounts and fees can be entered as a percentage or dollar amount or both (i.e. 1% + $0.30).

You can set your payment fees and discounts at an account level in your payment settings:

or on an invoice level from your sidebar:

Note: Amounts set at the invoice level will override account-level settings. 

The customer experience

Once your customer receives an invoice, they will be able to choose their preferred payment method from a list of available methods. 

Upon choosing a payment method, the invoice total or remaining balance will be automatically adjusted to account for any discounts or fees.  After choosing a method, customers can click pay to continue with the payment process.

Paid invoices and invoice receipts will have the payment fee listed at the bottom of the invoice on the summary table. 

Syncing fee data with Stripe

Details about the payment discounts and fees will also be added to the Stripe payment metadata.

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