Enabling E-Signatures

E-signatures prompt customers to electronically sign their name before the quote is accepted. If an e-signature has been entered on a quote, you can display their signature on the invoice by using {{deal.signatory}} anywhere on your invoice template. This e-signature satisfies signatory requirements in many jurisdictions, but please check with your specific laws to make sure your team is compliant.

Edit a template by going to Settings→Templates. On the right side of the template editor, you will see a section labeled “E-signature settings”. 

Click “configure” and check the box to enable e-signatures. Here you can write the confirmation text your customers will see, and chose to have them either check a box to accept or write a reason to decline. By adding custom response fields, you can ask for additional information along with the e-signature and choose to have responses automatically save to your CRM.

In the default template, the e-signature will appear in the details section of invoices. You can move the e-signature by typing  {{deal.signatory}} on any field of your template.

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