December 2019

Scheduled Payments and Split Invoices

Generate URLs and invoices for each scheduled payment.

We’ve added some really powerful functionality to the scheduled payments feature. Now when you schedule payments - there will be an option to generate a separate invoice for each individual payment

Any scheduled payment invoices will inherit the PO # from the parent invoice with a sequential number appended to each. So if your parent invoice # is “1001” then each scheduled payment invoice will be “1001-1”, “1001-2” etc.

Each of these payments / invoices will have its own url for customers to review and pay - giving you more control over when customers can review and pay each payment.

These invoices are created using the same template data as the parent invoice, but allow you to assign each payment to a specific customer. This is helpful if there are multiple customers associated with an invoice who are splitting the total invoice amount.

You can view these invoices from the Scheduled Payments section of the admin view on your quotes and invoices.

Click here to read more about how to get started.

Default due dates for quotes and invoices

We’ve updated the due date feature to allow for more flexibility in setting due dates. You can now set default due dates from your templates. 

Choose to set due dates a certain number of days after an action is complete, such as creating or sending an invoice, or choose to have all invoices due at a set time, like the first of the month.

You will find the new due date functionality in the right column of your template view in the “Template settings” box.

Download PDFs as a specific template or scheduled payment

There are now multiple options available when downloading a quote or invoice as a PDF. 

When you choose to download the PDF version of a given quote or invoice, you will see a dropdown menu with options to download the PDF as a different template. 

This is especially helpful if you would like to download multiple copies of the PDF in different formats. For example, if you have a customer facing template and a purchase order template - you can now quickly download each version from the Download PDF dropdown.

If you’re using the new scheduled payment invoice feature - you can also download individual PDFs for each split or scheduled payment. Learn more.

Map and send data from Paycove to Stripe

Each time a customer pays a Paycove invoice - Paycove automatically creates a new customer or updates a customer in Stripe. Now you have the ability to map and send specific CRM fields (i.e. {{}}) to your customer’s profile in Stripe when they checkout. 

This can be set up in your account’s Payments settings by clicking the “Map Properties” button in the Payment methods section.

File attachments

We’ve also added the ability to upload file attachments to your quotes and invoices. You’ll notice a drag and drop section in the File attachments section on the admin view of each quote and invoice. 

This allows your team to share relevant files, contracts, terms etc. with your customers and makes it easy for them to download the files directly from each quote or invoice. 

Other features 

New bulk actions

  • Bulk sync with your CRM
  • Bulk create/update in Xero
  • Bulk delete from Xero

Updated Pipedrive Integration to OAuth


Zapier Integration

Square Integration (Contact us to learn more)

Minor bug fixes

If you’ve reported a bug, we’ve just released a bunch of minor bug fixes. Thank you for your patience!

Feature requests

Have an idea for a new feature? We want to hear it! Let us know via or send us a message on our support chat.

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