January 2020

New integration: Zapier

Now you can send your Paycove data to many of the 1,500+ apps made available via Zapier. Send updates to Quickbooks, Google Sheets, Email, Slack etc. Zapier is currently in beta and available by invite only - you can use the link below to accept our invite into the beta.

Join the Zapier beta

New integration: Square

Square is also now in beta (only for HubSpot users at this time). Our Square integration allows you to easily generate Square hosted Checkout Pages containing your deal's customer and product information - all in one-click.

Watch Square Checkout Page demo

Interested in trying out the Square Checkout Page builder with HubSpot? Contact us and we'll get you setup. 

Quote and Invoice tables: Advanced date filtering

From either the Invoices or Quotes table, click on the calendar icon to filter the deals in your table by a specific date range. 

Once you’ve selected a date range, don’t forget to click Apply in the bottom right corner.

After you’ve applied the date range, a dropdown will display that allows you to select what date attributes you'd like to filter the table by (i.e. Due date, Sent date, Paid date etc.).

Push quote and invoice data to your CRM deal's custom fields

CRM mapping allows you to take fields generated in Paycove and sync them with your CRM. 

This exciting new feature is currently only available for Hubspot users, but other CRM customers can achieve the same result using our new Zapier integration. 

If you are a HubSpot user - navigate to the  CRM Settings from your settings menu and then scroll down to the Additional Settings section of the page and click Configure to configure your CRM field mapping.

Once you've opened the CRM Mapping modal - enter a Property name for the custom field that Paycove will generate in HubSpot along with the corresponding field variable ( i.e. {{deal.amount}}) in the Property data field.

Once saved, each field will display as a property in your HubSpot deal. In the  About this deal section of your HubSpot deal - click the  View All Properties to see the newly created properties.

You'll see a list of properties with the Property name and Property data that was configured in Paycove.

Paycove will sync the content in these HubSpot fields twice a day. So any changes or updates to the fields in Paycove might take some time to update in your HubSpot deal.

Pro Tip: Use your new Paycove fields to trigger marketing workflows with follow-up emails to customers or to send notifications to your team. Check out this article for more information.

Invoice Summary Labels

You can now hide the entire summary section on your invoices. This is useful for companies who want to create a template (i.e. packing list) that doesn't display any pricing.

In your template editor, uncheck all of the summary labels for taxes, discounts, and subtotals. Doing so will hide this entire section from being displayed on your invoice.

We also added a feature for Zendesk Sell users to display discounts as either percentages or dollar amounts.

Update to formatting for template variables list UI

We were experiencing some formatting issues with certain template variables where users were unable to copy the full line of data. Some of our variables were too long and not being fully displayed in the variable list correctly.

We updated this issue in the template variables list, making it easier for users to view, copy and paste longer variables.

To view the list of available template variables, click edit in any section of your quote or invoice template and then click on the blue template variables link.

You will be directed to a list of all available template variables - including custom fields created in your CRM - categorized at the deal, contact, organization, owner, or quote forms level.

You can also access your CRM fields by going to Custom Fields section.

Pre-translated templates

We updated our pre-translated templates so all of the section labels are translated automatically in the language you select. Keep an eye out for more subheading translations coming soon! 

Note: You may notice that some of the section labels (i.e. Customer details) are not translatable. These labels are only visible to your team and do not display on the customer’s view of the quote or invoice. 

Upcoming feature: Cover Letters

We've also been working on some really exciting features for your templates. 

A new cover letter section will allow you to create completely custom content for your quote and invoice. Here's an example with some custom cards, tables and images:


Upcoming feature: Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)

Each section of your template will soon have a text editor to make it easy to style your text, add images, tables, links and more!


This will even include a code editor view for more advanced styling of the quote and invoice UI.


Psst: These features are available to test for beta users. If you're not already a beta user and would like to start experimenting with cover letters and the new text editor - send us a message via email or chat and we'll add you to our beta program.

Bug fixes and improvements

We have made several bug fixes and improvements to Paycove’s performance. Thank you for your feedback and patience!

Feature requests

Have an idea for a new feature? We want to hear it! Let us know via support@paycove.io or send us a message on our support chat.

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