Exporting Multiple Quotes and Invoices

We understand that each company has different needs for invoicing and handling customer data. That's why Paycove gives you the flexibility to export data from your quotes and invoices, whether it be for record-keeping or data analysis. From your quote and invoice table, you can export data from a specific deal or from multiple deals.

Export as a .CSV or .XLS file

You can export data from your quote or invoice table as either an XLS or CSV file by clicking the “Export” button in the upper right corner. The settings button directly to the right of “Export” allows you to show or hide various columns from the web version of the table. The CSV or XLS export will contain all of the available columns from the table. 

Export as multiple PDFs

To increase your efficiency when creating PDFs of multiple deals, use the bulk actions option. Check the box next to each quote or invoice number, select download PDFs from the bulk actions menu, and then click Apply to the right. Paycove will send you an email with a zipped file of the selected PDFs.

For more information on exporting data from Paycove, check out our YouTube video.
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